How To Overcome the Tiring Process of Property Acquisition.


July 21, 2021

Property purchase, especially as a first-time buyer can be tiring and at times people give up mid-way. On the way, you meet with different characters, others are genuine, while others want to rip you off your hard-earned money. How do you overcome this hectic process?

Let me take you through a detailed guide to owning property in Kenya without complications.

1. Always have an approaching angle
This is crucial so as to avoid non-decisive behaviors. Non-decisive behavior when looking for property to buy in Kenya leads you to fraudster traps. They offer you sweet deals then take off with your money. So it is important before buying a piece of property to go through several real estate websites and determine the type of property you wish to purchase.

2. Don’t walk alone on the journey
Doing things alone might seem focused, but you tend to miss on some valuable details. Find a team you trust or a trustworthy real estate company to help you in finding an ideal property to purchase or home to buy. Also, finding a lawyer to handle the legal side is advisable other than handling all paperwork by yourself.

3. Consult an expert
Consulting an expert in the real estate field is very advisable. They know all the loopholes to look into and the process is simplified for you. Experts also offer you real-time evaluation for the property you are buying and then you decide if it is worth the risk or not.

4. Liaise with the custom laws
In Kenya, we have laws set for owning property and if you are not conversant with them then you will find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Do thorough research on issues regarding land rates, change of ownership, taxes to be paid among other issues concerning land laws and property laws.

5. Learn from other people`s past events.
If you have friends who have successfully or unsuccessfully purchased a property in Kenya, let them narrate to you their ordeals and learn a thing or two. For the one who had an unsuccessful turn of events, avoid the path they used. This will help you in time management and ease the process of property acquisition.


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How To Overcome the Tiring Process of Property Acquisition.